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Yogurt Parfait w/Fruit

I have recently been sitting in San Francisco for work, which is nice and refreshing.  I love the hustle and bustle of downtown San Francisco.  However, I hate the crowds during lunch time, so usually try to avoid it by bringing my own lunch.  This day was unlike any other.  Woke up, got ready for work, packed my lunch and headed to the office on Bart, but while I was on Bart, I realized I forgot my lunch at home!!!! If you know me, not having access to my food is a reason for panic to set in.  I was new to the area, and even though there were restaurants and delis lining the streets, I had no idea what I was going to eat for lunch.  I was distraught, and this early in the morning, hungry!

I calmly panicked about what I would eat for lunch, but was distracted by what I would eat for breakfast.  At that very moment I walked by the large windows of San Francisco Soup Company and saw their arrangement of fruits, fresh squeezed OJ, and walked in to see what other breakfast items there were.  I’m not big on breakfast foods, but the yogurt parfait and fresh fruit salad caught my eye.  I almost picked up a hard boiled egg, too, but i refrained from my usual ‘eyes are bigger than my stomach’ food ordering mentality.  I walked out with my two breakfast items, and made a mental note for lunch.

I had a good amount of vegetarian options for lunch.  After browsing San Francisco Soup Company’s website, I knew I was definitely getting the Organic Southwest Corn Chowder.  I walked over there, and while waiting in line, thought I’d throw in the Greek Salad, as well.  Lunch was definitely an ‘eyes are bigger than my stomach’ moment.  I savored my soup and saved my salad for my second lunch.  Definitely more that I should have eaten, but definitely satisfied.

Organic Southwestern Corn Chowder & Greek Salad

The staff at that particular spot is so nice and friendly.  I can tell if you’re a regular, because they call you by name, but they are nice all the same.  Stop by a San Francisco Soup Company, you won’t be disappointed.

San Francisco Soup Company