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Banh Canh


Bun Rieu

Between my commute and diet restrictions, it’s difficult to find quick, delicious food, but that’s because I never paid attention before. For the past 5 weeks I’ve done pretty good at sticking to my vegetarian diet, with the exception of the shrimp chips that I caught after a few bites. I must say, though, I credit my ease of transition to Dong Phuong Tofu in San Jose, CA, and boyfriend for telling me about it.

Whenever I was in San Jose after work, we’d stop by Dong Phuong Tofu to grab a combo plate, or some of my favorite soups. Here you can find a plethora of traditionally meat cuisines sans meat. Dong Phuong Tofu does a fantastic job at making a vegetarian dish still seem much like its meat counter part. You’ve got your pho, bun bo hue, curry noodle soup, and two of my faves, banh canh and bun rieu. Not to mention the 30+ other dishes there.

The staff is quick and friendly. They’re always so welcoming when I go in and always willing to help me make a selection, though I usually revert to my usual pickled mustard greens with tofu, bamboo shoots with tofu, and the sweet and sour soup.

The space is small, about 30% of the space is reserved for eating in, i prefer to take it to go and eat it at home with the rest of my meat eating friends and family. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend it, vegetarian or not, I’m sure you’ll appreciate and enjoy it. Just don’t go on Wednesdays, they’re closed.

If you happen to stop by, tell me what you think!

Dong Phuong Tofu
2359 McKee Rd
San Jose, CA 95116
(408) 251-6838