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With holidays approaching, MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR, there are several things I have been lusting for, and all these deals aren’t making it any easier.

I took advantage of Sephora’s Friends & Family deal, Kate Spade 75% off sale, and Victoria’s Secret free shipping.

I had been LUSTING over Zara’s sequinned skirt for-EVER!

Zara's Sequinned Miniskirt

and found this on VS

Victoria's Secret Sequinned Skirt

$50 less, SCORE! but, when I saw this as well.. I wanted MORE!!

Victoria's Secret Scalloped Sequinned Skirt

I lusted over these things for several weeks, before taking the plunge when VS Free Ship [offer code: SHIP50VS] and $30 off $150 [offer code: 30off150] caught my eye.  Throw in ebates, and I breathed a sigh of content/relief as I got what I wanted and saved a little in the process.

Superlust. the thing that makes me happy, and the thing that makes me feel guilty. C’mon, I could put that money to good use in a savings account for emergencies, a new car when mine craps out, soon, or for that future house that I know I’ve been LUSTING after.  My superlust sure is gratifying! but let’s face it, I better harness it in, or I’ll never have the security in my future.

If BF reads this. Don’t worry, I’m still within budget 😀