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It’s funny how decades later an ad/jingle can still be ingrained in your head.

I visited Chicago this past week and, aside from a personal agenda, I was highly motivated by the restaurants on my to-eat list.  Those who know me, know I don’t go out of town without a google map of all my must-eat restaurants, and a list to conveniently locate addresses and phone numbers. 

Fruit of my OCD tendencies.. yes, I'm THAT person

Sight-seeing?  That only happens if it’s conveniently located by a restaurant on my list.

We had 4 square meals daily, and sprinkled in some sight-seeing and shopping.  I didn’t have intentions to shop, but let’s face it, Chicago’s one of those places that experiences four seasons in one day!

We went to places like… Smoque BBQ, Cubs game at Wrigley Field, Giordano’s, Pret A Manger, The Purple Pig, Churro Factory, Wow Bao, Cafe Iberico, Signature Lounge, Streeters, Joy Yee’s Noodle Shop, Shedd Aquarium, Gino’s East, XOCO, and Wabash Tap… Okay.. so those were probably all the places we went to in 3 days. 

I’ll be reviewing these places in the upcoming posts!  Stay tuned…