some of you may have already heard the news…

ShenShou Xu Nguyen; 5lbs 14oz; July 27th, 2011 @ 4:05pm ICT

Last Tuesday @ 10:08pm I received a phone call from Vietnam that lasted exactly 42 seconds and went a little something like this:

me: hello?
nhat: Quyen’s in labor (I sensed that he was excited and frantic)
me: (silence of shock while I processed what I just heard)
nhat: XU is coming out!
me: ahh! yay! send me pictures and skype the little guy ASAP!
nhat: okay bye

… and then I proceeded to announce to the world that my nephew was on his way as if everyone knew who he was and would be on the edge of their seats, just like me, anticipating the first view of this little peanut.

I must’ve been on my brother’s last nerve begging to see pictures of my nephew everyday.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I was more excited to see my nephew (this seems so surreal saying ‘my nephew’, I have to prevent myself from calling him a peanut or ‘this kid’) than his parents or grandparents.  Maybe it’s because he’s my first nephew, or maybe it’s because I’m SOO proud of my brother for holding it together for the past 9 months, prepping meticulously for Xu’s arrival.  In my short conversations with my brother, I can tell that he wants the world for this kid, and that he’s going to love his son to pieces!

he has his daddy's eyes