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Remix Outfit: 23 - Top: Zara; Skirt/Clutch: H&M; Shoes: Payless; Belt: JCrew Factory; Shoes: Payless; Necklace: F21

I mentioned in a previous post that I had ACL surgery on my left knee, a little under a year ago.  There’s several things about it that bother me, like the physical therapy, the frustration of my knee not working the way I want it to, and not being able to do all the active things I used to do, at the capacity I’d like it to.  However, the one thing that doesn’t bother me too much about it, is the scar.  Actually, the five scars I received from it.  Instead of opening the whole knee down the middle, I received arthroscopic surgery, which leaves me with several small scars.  Definitely less invasive, and doesn’t make me self conscious much.  I like to believe that even if I had the scar down the middle of my knee, I’d still flash it.  I’m very proud of my ‘battle scars’ 😀