30×30: Outfit 18
Sorry got lazy.. sue me 😀
Top: F21; Shorts: Old Navy; Shoes: DSW – Michael Antonio; Bralette: Express; Bracelets: Express & eBay

Two-tone Plumeria bracelet from eBay... Taiko is a photo-crasher 🙂

I hate dressing rooms.  The thought of being trapped inside a little room having to try on clothes in horrible lighting, makes me want to run away in an open field.  However, there are sometimes I must do it, for example, final sales or if their return policy is a little stressful.  Otherwise, I’m a grab and go kind of girl.

Last month, while shopping Santana Row with my friend, I saw this very soft coral and grey tank on sale for $10.  Looked like it was my size, so I bought it.  On my way to the beach one weekend, I thought perfect time to wear my tank.  I threw on some shorts and the tank on, and realized much to my surprise this tank had large armholes that went down to my waist :X  This was WAAAY out of my comfort zone, but it was too late to do anything, figured it’d be the last time I wore this thing anyway.  While driving to the city to meet up with my beach buddies, I remembered, that C wears these types of tanks all the time.  I knew that I would be able to make this tank work by drawing inspiration from her.  I started feeling more confident and comfortable wearing it, and now I’m thinking of the endless possibilities, all the while drawing inspiration from my friend. 🙂  Thanks, C!