I got a fb message from my oldest brother on Dec 11, 2010:

Um… Just wanted to give you the heads up but this is a big secret so no saying anything to anyone. This has to remain a secret. But I am gonna be an Uncle and you are going to be an Aunt. Um… I can’t seem to find Rebecca’s Facebook. Does she have one? Well can you inform her that she will be an Aunt. Um… Remember on the secret part… BIG SECRET FROM EVERYONE. THAT INCLUDES FAMILY… =D

I froze in my tracks on the way to my friend’s house, eyes wide open in the darkness and my jaw tight, with excitement and confusion.  “Who’s having a baby?” I thought wildly to myself.  Not Q, he’s the one telling me it’s a secret, can’t be my sister, he’s trying to tell her, can’t be N, it’s just impossible! but wait, impossible things happen everyday… “N’s HAVING A BABY!!!”  I said it over and over to myself, and said it out loud to my friends trying to make it sound normal to me.  N has always been a very thoughtful guy, mature, yet child-like.  I’m not trying to be mean when I say he hasn’t been in many relationships, but he hasn’t.  He seemed ‘young’ in the dating game and that’s why it never occurred to me that he would be the first of us to start a family. O.o

It’s been 7.5 months since I found out, and it’s always seemed so surreal.  Until, I started collecting the baby food and formula to send to him.  N is really going to be a father, and I’m going to have my first nephew soon.  EEk!! I may be more excited than he is!  If I’m feeling this way, I wonder how N feels.  Well, I probably don’t have to wonder much, he’s been documenting his journey through fatherhood since he found out.  To sum it up, worried, like most new expecting parents.  I like to challenge my brother, and pretend that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but growing up with him, I know that when it comes to all the things that may make him not ready to be a father, competence and caring are not one of them.  I mean, how could you not look at this baby and not know that you’re going to do everything in your power to make the best life for the kid…  and besides, the kid is going to have a fantastic aunt (me not the other aunt) that will smack sense into his father.

I’m making sure this world is ready for my first nephew!

Can’t wait to see you, X!

❤ your best auntie in the world!