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Fashion …? Style …? Me …? PLEASE!

all these clothes and never anything to wear! *note, bf's closet space ends at the blue striped dress shirt, and picture is also missing my 2 dresser full of clothes >.<

I’m as stylish as HP printer paper.  Look, I’m not even creative in thinking about how plain I can be.

I grew up spoiled and spoon-fed.  I never had to think about what to wear to school from Kindergarten through High School.  Someone always told me what to wear, and my outfit was always laid out the night before.  Those private schools, they’ll take your money, but they’ll dress you everyday.

When college came around the corner, and I was thrown out from the protection of private school, I had to figure out what I was going to wear every day for the rest of my life.  However, with going to school at UC Davis, a casual college town, I didn’t have to think very hard to be stylish.  My days consisted of graphic t’s, tank tops, shorts, sweats, pajama pants, flips flops, and for those cold winter months, jeans, and UCD hoodies.

Don’t get me wrong, that never stopped me from splurging on clothes and accessories, I just never took the time to put everything together to create a presentable/functional style.

For the past 5 years, I’ve done my best to be presentable at work, but it doesn’t fall short to say that I was consumed by the suit monster and looked like every other office drone in the corporate world, but maybe that’s because we were strongly encouraged to wear suits.  Different colored suit, different colored shirt.  Polished, but boring.  I threw away money adding items to my already overflowing closet, but I never felt like I had anything to wear, and I always ‘needed’ to buy something.

This year I discovered fashion blogs!  Yes, it did drive me to covet more of which I do not have, but it also opened my eyes on how to make great use of what I already own.  My friends and I discussed our need to assess our style, purge our closets, and look for versatile, stylish, staple pieces.

That brings us to today and my challenge: 30 x 30 remix.  Well my challenge, Kendi’s and about 200+ other 30 x 30 remixers.  This challenge is about taking 30 items in your closet: tops, bottoms, shoes, sweaters… and creating 30 different outfits with them.  Accessorize with jewelry and belts any way you like.  You can do it within the month or 2 months, or however long it takes you to create 30 outfits, don’t stress yourself out.  Although, I think I might have panicked a little bit thinking about it.  The challenge will commence on Monday, June 13th, 2011.  The challenge until then, is deciding what 30 items I will be adding to my arsenal O.o

*Thanks for sticking around and listening to me ramble on during this long post.