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tower of macarons: teal colored w/milk chocolate ganache filling

In 2 weeks we will be starting the first round of celebrations for one of my closest friends, Kat.  Kat and her fiance will be getting hitched in August of this year.  So if one of her secret admirers are reading, you have less than two months to declare your love! but I doubt it would do anything, these two are pretty much made for each other.  They’re like two shells of a macaron, and their filling is love.  Haha, yes that was super corny and it just came to me.

In two weeks, we’ll be having a co-ed Bridal Shower for the love Macarons (that’s Kat & Sor), and I wanted to do something special for them.  The MoH’s and bridesmaid brainstormed and came up with several ideas, one of which prompted me to think about mastering the French macaron.

I did my research, turned to trusty Martha Stewart, but also found Pastry Pal, who created a how-to guide for the French Macaron.  It’s a beautifully illustrated step-by-step primer, that also gives you tips on how to troubleshoot.  I followed the steps precisely, and came out with a nice batch of macarons, except that I might have left it in there a tad bit too long, b/c they started to brown a little, but they still tasted delicious

After some brainstorming on what type to put together, I settled on teal-dyed shells, and milk chocolate ganache filling.  Luckily, I had my friend, D, around to help me.  I think it was a great success! and left me wanting more!

preparing French Macarons with the assistance of Martha Stewart & Pastry Pal's 'Master the Macaron' how-to guide

hot heavy cream melting the milk chocolate

D whisking the ganache

they got their feet!

these are the "belly flops" of the French Macarons 😀

If you’ve been inkling to make some French Macarons… go for it!  Even if you end up with some ‘belly flops’ they’ll still taste just as good.  And once you get it, and you will, that labor of love will be doubly delicious!

Congrats, Kat & Sor!! can’t wait to see you love macarons in a couple of weeks!