I’ve been MIA!! Is it obvious?

It’s not because I’ve decided to throw out my home-cooking habits and gorge myself on fast food.  It’s not because I’m lazy and found this unimportant.  It’s much more trivial than that…

I lost my new baby camera after only having it for about a month and a half.  I was depressed and distraught and lost the will to live.  I was also embarrassed to admit that I could lose something so quick.  But mostly because I’m a firm believer that recipes should come with photos, I want my readers to know what they’re cooking and how it’s supposed to look.  No Surprises!

I’m happy to announce that a new camera is on its way.  I had to wait until my birthday passed, and the 2.5 months was so torturous.  I was actually able to use that time to reflect on what this blog is all about.  Remember why I started it, and also reflect on my personal goals.

Project Roe started a little less than 2 years ago to hold me accountable for the life and business decisions I wanted to make, and to share my love for food.  It quickly turned in to feature mostly food, which is great for my tummy, and hopefully yours as well.  However, it’s time to get life back on track.  Don’t worry, the cooking with not end, but hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the new additions.

In the meantime, I’ll be getting my humble kitchen ready for the occasion.