It’s been awhile.  For blogging and for cooking.

Since my last post I have been consumed by work and my bf’s goal to lose weight that I did not see a need to cook… until yesterday afternoon while I was at the book store.

Let me begin with my indulgent trip with some wonderful girls (wolfpack, at least some of them) to New York City! 7 nights, 8 days with an itinerary emphasized on where to eat and not what to see.  Over 40 places to eat and 156 hours to do so.

Did we succeed?? Absolutely not, but we experienced amazing smells and tastes that will forever be ingrained in my senses.

… and this brings us to yesterday … I was spending my holiday with some of my pack ladies at home looking at Rachael Ray and Real Simple magazines, which prompted us to consider the idea of cooking a homemade dinner that night.  After no concrete decisions were made, we made our way to Santana Row, in order to enjoy the warm weather and the plethora of stores to shop.  We ended up in Borders browsing the cookbook section, looking for nothing in particular, but something that would inspire us.  As I was scanning the shelves for something interesting, my eyes caught something deliciously familiar… “MOMOFUKU,” I screamed as D and Nan came forward with their own exclamation of “MOMOFUKU.”

and that’s how the following labor of love was initiated.. at least that’s how I remembered it. 😀

our inspiration!

Nan preparing the pickled cucumber, and D getting ready to rub the pork belly down

chopped scallions (green onions)

ginger scallion sauce

ginger scallion noodles.. recipe called for ramen noodles, but we used chow mein noodles, which worked great

bao making time!

dividing the dough after it rose the 1st time for 60-75 mins

after dividing them, rolling them into 50 balls, to let them rise for another 30mins

D getting the parchment paper ready for the little baos

Nan & D hard at work shaping baos

pork belly roasting away for about 2 hours

steaming the baos.. bought the steamer just for the occasion

slicing up the pork belly

the spread... pickled cucumbers, sliced scallions, hoison sauce.. and of course homemade baos and pork belly

Momofuku pork belly buns -made with love by D, Nan & me!

our labor of love.. and an inspiration of more to come. :9